OGame Turkey Online Space Game

OGame Turkey full-time space strategy game. A game where hundreds of players can play together at the same time and do their best. Any web browser is all you need.

Fleet Speed: x4
Opening Date: 07/11/2020
Fleet Speed: x3
Opening Date: 01/01/2021
Fleet Speed: x5
Opening Date: 10/03/2021

What is OGame and How to Play?

OGame is a strategy classic about infinite space. Strike against thousands of players and fight for universe domination!

In addition to countless dangers and struggles in the infinite depths of space, incredible treasures and unlimited powers await you.

Battle in OGame's new universes!

Resource Wars

Extract metal, crystals and deuterium to improve your colony, or attack other players to loot scraps from their fleet wrecks and resource storages on their planets.

Be careful: facing the wrong opponent can be a fatal mistake!

Forge Alliances

Have you been plundered by the rival emperor? Combine with your allies to give the aggressive fleet commanders their limits. You can consolidate your resources and drive your wartime fleets side by side from one front to the other!

Play Offensive or Defensive

The Black Warrior, Avatar, Death Star and other large warships form the backbone of the fleet. Destroy your enemies by fighting hand-to-hand in battle, or take an aggressive fleet off guard with an impenetrable defense fortress.

Choose your tactic

OGame gives each emperor the opportunity to choose their own special style. A peaceful builder, a crafty trader, the father of bigger emerging technologies, or a defender of the weak? Or a bandit in the depths of space? Choose your destiny!